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Children's Day Celebration

2076-5-29 / 2019-09-15

On the occassion of Children's day we the Rotract Club of Bajra Manasalu Gorkha organized a celebration program at Shree Dhungagade Basic School Read More

International Literacy Day Celebration

2076-5-22 / 2019-09-08

The International Literacy Day was celebrated through a rally program with the particiapation of  Rotaract and Rotary Club of Bajra Manasalu Read More

Teej Celebration

2076-5-14 / 2019-08-31

On the occassion of teej festival Rotaract Club of Bajra Manasalu hosted a teej celebration program for ladies members. The duration of the program Read More

Tree plantation

2076-5-9 / 2019-08-26

This program was jointly conducted by Rotary Club of Bajra Manasalu Gorkha and Rotaratct Club of BAjra Manasalu Gorkha. The tree plantation program Read More

Charter Day Celebration

2076-3-16 / 2019-07-01

it was a third charter day celebration of RAC Bjra Manaslu where we cut cake, share each other experience, discuss for the further community based Read More

Live Blood Donor Program

2076-3-16 / 2019-07-01

On the ocassion of our 3rd Charter day we organized a small program which was to handover the list of live blood donor in a banner including the Read More

Microsoft office workshop

2075-11-27 / 2019-03-11

7 rotaractors took training from Rtr.Anusha shrestha and it was for 2 days..
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International womens day

2075-11-24 / 2019-03-08

Actually it was surprise package for club ladies by we gents member. The program we started at 5 pm evening started by cake cutting and then full of Read More

7th Charter date of RAC Gorkha

2075-11-22 / 2019-03-06

The program was started by 6 Pm evening and inagurated by Rtn.Krishna Dhakal president of RC GOrkha along with charter persident Rtr.Ajit raman Read More

4th Zonal meet

2075-11-11 / 2019-02-23

the program was started by 11AM by ZRR Rtr. Buddhi jogi. And club activities were shown on power point...
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Joint Fellowship meet

2075-10-26 / 2019-02-09

It was the joint meet organized by leo club president leo yam basel on their own meeting hall. The meeting was about to be started by 8 AM in Read More

official ZRR visit

2075-10-23 / 2019-02-06

We welcome our ZRR at 5:30 P.M. at hotel himalayan.After welcoming ZRR we started the official ZRR visit with our regular meeting . We asked the Read More

Installation of Jaycess Gorkha

2075-10-20 / 2019-02-03

it was 38th installation of jaycees gorkha started by 11 am in the morning where two members from the club represent at their installation ceremony.
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Candle lightning Program

2075-10-16 / 2019-01-30

The program was started by 6 PM in the evening and we all member's from each club light the candle in the steets as in a memory of Read More

12th club's Regular meeting & Wedding musical Programme

2075-10-11 / 2019-01-25

Actually it was a surprise gathering at her house.The wedding was preponed a couples a week earlier due to her groom internatonal affairs. It was Read More

official DG Visit

2075-10-10 / 2019-01-24

program officially started by 8 AM in the morning but we rotractors are called after 10 AM . We attend on rotary regular meeting and have important Read More

11th District Conference & Nationwide Rota Quiz

2075-10-4 / 2019-01-18

The Day 1 was a harsh moment for team RAC Bajra manaslu. We were representing Zone3 on Rota quiz. We were punctual to time but there was no proper Read More

Sanitation Hygeine Awareness and Stationary distribution program

2075-9-26 / 2019-01-10

Over there we facilite deaf students how to maintain their hygiene and aware about the girls problem like menstruration that how to be safe during Read More

3rd Zonal meet and zone rota quiz

2075-9-14 / 2018-12-29

After the submission of clubs report we were again a back to back champions of zone level rota quiz and compete in a district level as a zonal Read More

Hiking and Regular meeting

2075-8-29 / 2018-12-15

We members gathered to unite the club again and started  a short hiking From Gorkha durbar to Bajra Bhiarab  to make everyone feel vibrant Read More

2nd Zonal meet and fellowship night

2075-8-15 / 2018-12-01

by all the busy schedules only 2 members from our club were able to participate on a Zonal 3 fellowship night and a sudden 2nd Zonal meet hosted by Read More

1st club assembly and Picnic

2075-7-17 / 2018-11-03

On this very day, we bajra team travel 23 km from our home town at beautiful river side picnic spot where all our members enjoyed alot and was a most Read More

Surveing of Plantation

2075-7-10 / 2018-10-27

We 4 Rotaractors visited to our plantation site to get update on our done activities. And happy moments is when your act reflects.
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World Polio Day

2075-7-7 / 2018-10-24

The program is jointly conducted by  Rotary/Rotaract club of BAJRA MANASLU & GORKHA respectively on the international day of World Polio Day Read More

Food Day celebration

2075-6-30 / 2018-10-16

Today we Rotaract Club Of Bajra Manasalu has distributed some food stuffs to gurukul of gorkha where small children's are learning sanskrit for Read More

World Heart Day

2075-6-13 / 2018-09-29

Rally, Seminars
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1st PS meet 2018

2075-6-6 / 2018-09-22

Here we have a clear financial defination from Rtr.Suraj Poudel (DRR 17/18), Amendment in guidelines, Adress by DRC & discusion regarding Read More

World Peace Day

2075-6-5 / 2018-09-21

The world peace day 21st sep.2018 marked by United nations to be devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and amongst all nation and Read More

1st Zonal III meet

2075-6-3 / 2018-09-19

This is a First ever zonal Program hosted by team RAC Bajra manaslu.We altogether have 60 participants from different clubs i.e RAC Gorkha-19, RAC Read More

World cleanup day

2075-5-30 / 2018-09-15

This is a Global world cleanup campaign held on every 15 september.
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Bandipur Mahotsav

2075-5-23 / 2018-09-08

TanahuTourism and cultural program at Bandipur. 
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2075-5-23 / 2018-09-08

Teej Dar Programme

Teej Dar Programme was celebrated in Hotel Brindaban on 2075-05-23 (8th Sep, 2018) Rotary & Rotract Bajra Manasalu family Read More

Rafting fest at Daraundi

2075-5-16 / 2018-09-01

The program was hosted by RAC Gorkha with an association with Gorkha Municipality.
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TEEJ program

2075-5-16 / 2018-09-01

At this hindu women festival our ladies from club participated at teej celebration organized by Saundarya kala bebasai.
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Installation of RAC Damauli

2075-4-14 / 2018-07-30

4 members from RAC Bajra Manaslu attended at damauli installation.
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Project Green Hands

2075-4-11 / 2018-07-27

This project plantation called THE GREEN HANDS PROJECT is from a district mail.We admirly serve it by planting 225 varities of trees where plantation Read More

Zonal COTS

2075-4-6 / 2018-07-22

The zonal COTS is hosted by zone 3 RAC lamjung from district 3292 where we all rest 4 clubs participated.
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District Assembly and recognition ceremony.

2075-3-23 / 2018-07-07

This is a District event held at DAV school,Lalitpur. This is a project where all clubs from RI district meets at a same time and a great time for Read More

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