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Live Blood Donor Program - RAC Bajra Manasalu Gorkha

Live Blood Donor Program
2076-3-16 / 2019-07-01  |  
Venue : Gorkha Hospital
Objectives :

to handover the list of live blood donor

Jointly with : Gorkha Hospital


Emergency patience

Project Detail

On the ocassion of our 3rd Charter day we organized a small program which was to handover the list of live blood donor in a banner including the required name, bloodgroup, contact number and address. The main motive of the program was to be available of donor for the victim at  the time of emergency case. The program was initiated through the speech of club president Rtr. Anusha Shrestha and was conducted successfully with the help of club members and the lab incharge Mr.Sabir Mansoor.  

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