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Tree plantation - RAC Bajra Manasalu Gorkha

Tree plantation
2076-5-9 / 2019-08-26  |  
Venue : Hilepokhari, Gorkha
Objectives :

i) to plant trees in the open sapce of an area

ii) to create sustainable environment


Jointly with : Rotary Club Of Bajra manasalu


The Project Beneficiaries were the local people of that hilepokhari area. We planted variety of fuits tree which can help to enhance their future income through it. It can also increase greenary and provide fresh air. It is also around the college premises called Gorkha Campus.

Project Detail

This program was jointly conducted by Rotary Club of Bajra Manasalu Gorkha and Rotaratct Club of BAjra Manasalu Gorkha. The tree plantation program started with the formal speech of guest including President of that ward, local Community president and president of Rotary and Rotaract Club. The total participants were 33 in which Rotarians were 13 and Rotractors were 12 and others visitors were 10. We planted 50 trees in the open space of that area. The duration of the program was 2 hour. It was started at 7:30 am and ended up at 9:30 am.

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